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Mach 1 Design Social Media Solution 2022

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Importance of Social Media: 

Social media is the primary way that your audience is going to interact with your brand online. It enables your community to understand your cause and your mission while providing you with a platform to share your success and ask for help. You are trying to change the lives of real people – it is important that your audience knows that! Without social media, your digital presence is not complete. Google also gives credibility ranking in SERP to active social media presence.

Key to Success:  After running hundreds of social media accounts, I can say with confidence that the single greatest indicator of your social media success is your posting frequency. 


  1. Content: When you sign up with Mach 1 Design, you receive a free content library that is custom-made for your business to post to your business Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This includes your logo, colors, messaging, and more! (Comes with content satisfaction guarantee – if you are not in love with your content, we will change it until you are satisfied)
  2. Automation: Once you have your content library, you can automate your posting to ensure that you can run great social media without the hard work. We recommend that you post at least once per day. 
  3. Optimization: After you post, our software tracks your social media to understand which type of content does the best and adjusts its strategy based on its analysis. We repost only your best posts so that your organic reach can grow. 


  • Yearly ($500/month): Get all of your content for the year paid upfront for $6,000.00
  • Monthly ($600/month): Get your content on a month by month basis and pay by the month.

Our Social Media plan includes the content (300 annual posts), the automation/optimization software, and 24/7 customer support. Let us take the headaches out of your organic social media content production and posting.

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