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How to Get in the Google Map 3-Pack: SEO Google Map Pack

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The term “Google Map Pack” refers to the most prominent position in Google’s local search results, where businesses are listed and their locations are marked on a map with place marker icons. When consumers search online, Google Map Pack has become an important factor in determining where and what to buy. 

Ranking in the Google Map Pack is important for all businesses, but especially for small and local businesses. Consumers frequently disregard results that do not match their search parameters for a specific location. If the first search result for an enterprise business is a primary brand website, the likelihood of that link being clicked is low, hence why businesses nowadays make sure to land well on the local pack results.

Why Google Maps Pack Is Important?

Google Map Pack is a collection of three Google Maps-based results that appear frequently when users conduct local business searches. Users can see a business’s reviews and overall star rating, a brief business summary, the business address, hours, pricing information, and featured photos within the Map Pack. Map Pack links appear ahead of standard link-based search results. Because only the highest-ranked businesses appear in the Map Pack results, competition is fierce.

Google Local SEO Tips

Google local search is effective for small businesses. If your company isn’t optimized for local search, you could be missing out on potential customers in your area. In short, if you want your business to remain relevant, local SEO is essential.

You can search Google and type in “hairdresser near me” if you wanted to discover a hairdresser in your neighborhood. Similar to this, prospective customers will do the same when browsing for your plumbing, baking, legal, etc. services. Making your company visible on Google Local Search can therefore help you generate more leads and sales. 

But exactly how? Simple. through the use of local SEO. Or, as some people like to refer to it, Google Maps SEO. Making your company visible on Google Maps for specific keywords is part of Google Maps SEO. For instance, the results of a Google search for “Law firm spring valley NY” would be as follows. You can see a list of law firms together with the office locations on the map:

Why Worry About SEO for Google Maps?

Everyone is so concerned with ranking in Google’s regular everyday search that they frequently overlook the importance of other forms of search — even those within the Google ecosystem. But, surely, standard search is so dominant that other types are irrelevant? Google Map SEO requires time and can be frustrating to put up correctly, just like any other marketing attempt. Why bother, then? Well, the following intriguing data might catch your attention:

  • On mobile, 80% of local engine searches are converted;
  • To find local companies, 86% of customers utilize Google;
  • Geographically-based searches make up 46% of all Google searches.

 All of those, in our opinion, is sufficient to change your opinion of Google Map SEO for the better.

Have You Heard Map Pack Rankings?

In addition, Google has begun to include paid listings in map results, as well as star ratings and other information in the Map Packs. A detailed business listing opens when a user clicks through on one of the listings below the map. These business listings are part of Google Explore, which is a section of Google Maps.

Before Beginning Local Search Engine Ranking

Making a Google My Business Page Profile is the first stage in starting a Google Map SEO campaign. Don’t worry, making one is fairly basic and straightforward. Additionally, we’ve written a thorough tutorial that you can use to quickly set up yours. There are numerous things you can do to promote your startup company online when you are just getting started. Ranking your GMB in Google Map Pack can provide your startup with the necessary boost.

No, it does not. Other search forms can be extremely important, making this type of myopic approach extremely costly. While it’s critical to nail your long-tail keywords and optimize your on-page SEO, your ranking responsibility doesn’t end there. Local search, which primarily relies on map applications, is one area of search that requires your attention (usually Google Maps). Any brand that wishes to excel in a specific area would be foolish not to be concerned with when and how they appear in map searches.

Making and Improving a Google My Business Page

Google Business Profile is a free Google feature that assists business owners in managing their online presence across the search engine and its expanding portfolio of utilities, which includes Google Maps.

Google Business Profiles are used by seasoned SEO professionals to leverage a location-based strategy. The first stage toward local search success is to create a Google Business Profile. With good reason. For brands seeking local exposure, GBP has the most clout. A feature like Google’s Local Search highlights the importance of having a GBP for both new and established businesses. Additionally, bear in mind that Google bases local engine ranking on three primary signals:

  • Distance: Your chances of ranking first are better the closer your company is to the city center where you want to be found.
  • Significance: Google makes an effort to match users’ queries with the most relevant results. This is why it’s crucial to provide as much detail about your company as feasible.
  • Prominence: On Google Searches, establishments with a longer track record and a better reputation appear first.

10 Google Maps SEO Tips to Rank High on Engine Search Map

You must optimize your Google Business Profile to get the most out of it and perform excellent Google My Business ranking. Here are a few quick and easy ways to accomplish this. Ideally, your Google My Business profile is now operational. Here are some suggestions and tips to increase Google’s  local pack visibility.

Tip 1: Make sure your Google My Business information is accurate and current.

Make sure the information you enter about your company is accurate and up to date when creating a GMB profile. Using incorrect or out-of-date information can reduce your internet presence. Make sure that the information on all of your online profiles is consistent. For instance, the contact information on your website and social network handles should correspond to your GMB profile.

Tip 2: Confirm your company’s physical address.

Without confirming your location, you can create your GMB profile. During the initial setup procedure, Google lets you bypass that process. To display on Google Map, your company location must still be verified. Google frequently achieves this by mailing a postcard to your actual address that contains your verification code. Google may permit you to authenticate your business using additional methods, such as a phone call, video call, or email, depending on the nature of your enterprise.

Tip 3: Include your target keywords in a detailed business description.

Relevance is one of the ranking elements Google employs to decide which local content to display to searchers, as was previously mentioned. As a result, including a thorough description that incorporates your desired keywords will significantly increase your exposure to local engine searches. Log into your GMB account and click the Add description option as follows to add a description to your profile: 

You might even go a step further and include the hours when your company is open and closed. Why is this crucial? Google will check to determine if you are open or closed for business at the time of the search before displaying results to users. Your chances of ranking highly will significantly rise if you are open.

Tip 4. Post and pack some pictures.

Did you realize that pictures are one of the ways searches might locate your company? According to statistics, one-third of all Google queries are image-related. If you aren’t including photographs in your GMB profile, you are undoubtedly losing out on a lot of money. Thankfully, adding photographs to your GMB profile is simple and only requires a few clicks. If you like, you could even include a video. Just make sure the images and videos you provide accurately represent your company and are relatable. The more images you include, the higher chance you have of being found.

Tip 5. Post frequently.

There are many advantages to posting frequently on your Google Business Profile. First off, it informs Google that your company is open for business, which improves local search exposure. Additionally, posting articles that contain your goal keywords might help you rank better for local SEO services. Additionally, updating your business profile can help increase client involvement and, as a result, raise brand awareness. You have the opportunity to inform your clients about brand-new products, special deals, events, and updates that you believe they will find beneficial. Without having to worry about it, Google lets you insert photographs into your article. The best part is that you may increase traffic and conversion by including a CTA button in your content. And it’s simple to accomplish.

Tip 6: Utilize reviews to increase the credibility.

Every connection, including those in business, is held together by trust. And what other means of establishing credibility and trust for your company exist than reviews? According to a Brightlocal survey, 87 percent of web users will examine evaluations of nearby businesses before making any purchases in 2020. Therefore, you must take review building seriously if you want to see any relevant ranking on Google Map.

And respectfully requesting feedback is the greatest way to start receiving them. As long as you don’t give your consumers any sort of incentive for doing so, Google itself advises urging them to submit reviews. But keep in mind that more isn’t always better. Even if your profile has 100 ratings, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll rank higher than your rivals. A few of the variables Google looks at before determining how to rank your profile include the quality of the material and star ratings.

Tip 7. Run advertisements on occasion.

The topic of this article is designed to be organic SEO business growth. So, why do people run advertisements? Here’s the issue, though. Running paid advertisements on Google Maps will increase the visibility of your company. Additionally, the more interactions it has with clients, the more evaluations it will receive as a result of its increased visibility. Those reviews won’t disappear when your advertisement eventually ends. Reviews are also significant ranking criteria that Google takes seriously, as was already mentioned. Ultimately, you still triumph.

Tip 8: Increase your website’s links.

People that locate your company on Google Maps are probably interested in learning more and visiting your website. You will increase internet traffic and lead generation for your company by doing this. Say you don’t have a website. What then? It’s no trouble! Google offers a simple and user-friendly out-of-the-box web development option. There are numerous themes included that you may utilize to jump-start your web design process. Click the Website link from your GMB account to visit it.

Tip 9: Engage in social media activity.

One of the ranking elements Google takes into account when deciding where to rank websites on search result pages is social signals. If your website receives a lot of likes, shares, and engagement on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., this will be a powerful indicator. Your listing on Google Maps would be more noticeable if the signals from your pages were stronger. Start promoting your business on social media if you haven’t already.

Tip 10: Build backlinks locally to improve your ranking.

Building local backlinks is an essential component of local search marketing. Backlinks are just links from another website referring to your website. When a reputable website links to yours, Google is informed that your website is trustworthy and so deserves to be placed higher. Your ranking may be improved by constructing backlinks to your business profile.

There are a few approaches you can take. One is contacting nearby directories of businesses that are relevant to your industry and asking them to list your company’s name, address, and phone number. Making the same connections with regional news media is an alternative strategy.


The Google map 3-pack: What is it? On the search result page when you conduct a local intent search using terms like “near me” or “in [my city],” you will see the top 3 listings. For instance, if you look up “coffee shop Springfield,” you will find the following:

The top three listings you view are referred to as a “3-pack.” How can Google Maps locate me? Making a Google My Business profile and enhancing it for local ranking is the first step to being found on Google Maps.

Pack Your Success with Mach1Design

Increasing the visibility of your company on Google Map Pack will significantly boost revenue, leads, and tips for your company. You may improve your company’s rating on local searches on Google local map pack by implementing the ten suggestions provided here. Want assistance with conversion-focused website optimization? Call or e-mail [email protected] at 469-536-8478.

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