According to the State of Digital & Content Marketing for Law Firms’ Survey, only one in four law firms have a documented content strategy. There is no doubt that law firms tend to prefer traditional marketing strategies rather than a digitalized content marketing plan. Generating leads, experimenting with organic growth and increasing sales are the most significant results of following a good content marketing strategy.

What could you do to develop a content marketing strategy for legal services? How can you prepare a good content marketing strategy for law firms and lawyers? Most importantly, what is content marketing? Along with answers to these questions, you will find content marketing tips for law firms in this article.

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

In short, content marketing is about building a bridge between potential clients and firms, which means it is beneficial for both sides. It allows companies to reach their target audience via social media platforms. In the meantime, clients decide on which firm to choose by looking at their profiles, descriptions, and reviews. Social media has changed the behavioral patterns of people when they shop online. For instance, imagine that you are in search of a legal service related to any practice area of law. Would you prefer a law firm that has an uninformative website, which also has lower ranks in the search engine?

Online presence We are living in an age where individuals have more than one social media platform to represent themselves. As a legal service that wants to improve its brand quality, it is important to be active on the most well-known social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Take enough time to edit each profile in a laconic way. Remember that social media platforms have their own characteristics. Therefore, having different tones for each platform will increase your chances.

Content Mix

There are various content types such as blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. on the web (You can check with Mach 1 Design to learn more about other content types). Therefore, choosing what to share on your law firms’ social media account is a big problem. At first, check what kind of posts potential clients react to most. To do that, search for hashtags that are related to your practice area. Now is a good time to build a content structure. If your audience is more interested in visual posts; concentrate on images, videos, or infographics. Most of all, know when to share. For example, LinkedIn users generally check their feed on Monday mornings. You can create a content calendar to put posts in order before sharing online.


Ask your employees about content that you want to share and get their ideas whether you have a marketing team or not. It is easier for them to approach from a user perspective. This would create a bridge across departments and generate new ideas for your content strategy. If you still think that there is a need for expertise, you might consider checking third parties that offer digital services for content marketing. This option is low-cost and time-saving at the same time since traditional marketing methods (fax, direct email, TV) consume plenty of time and cost large amounts of money.

High-quality content

Taking old content and making new use of it is an efficient and effective way to develop a content marketing strategy. Check earlier posts and think of new ways to convey the same messages in a different tone. For example, rehash a blog post about legal tech if there are recent developments about it. Do not forget that consistency turns into success when one learns from previous steps.

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